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November 14, 2009

Indecisions Race Possible Disease Dource

Do you belong person easy worry? If yes, careful. Because that can be disease source that haunt you along alive. such conclusion that done researcher rushes by discipline science (psychology, medicine, nerve science, and genetics) recently presented in psychology science club magazine, oberserver.

Watchfulness unfold that our sensitivity in stress moment adult" compiled " in tender age. Peculiarly, total stress that undergone in childhood makes sensitive one organism up to misery certain level. Level height stress in childhood may be produce condition very sensitive towards stress in life furthermore, with depression moment adult.

Follow watchfulness, some people and animal, more susceptible towards stress. One study in 2007 that mouse inclined face stress produce many protein certain, apparently make them react to over do.

Besides ill heart, disturbance stress after trauma and depression, stress chronic related to various disease has liked intestines disturbance, ill gum, meny erection function, growth disturbance, and even cancer.
One study finds that one who experience many stress at work likelier to attacked diabetets type 2.

Watchfulness recently also show that hormone stress can cause skin disturbance like psoriasis and eczema. Hormone enhanced stress chronicly proved increase cells growth pre cancer and tumor. That hormone also demote body stamina towards HIV and cancer cause virus likes virus papiloma (nape of neck cancer pioneer in woman).

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